Under the guidance of the WBI’s distinguished brass faculty,
WBI students go on to careers as recitalists, soloists
and teachers and win positions in prestigious orchestras
and ensembles throughout the world

Washington Brass Faculty

Our faculty are leaders in their fields. From leading the WBI Masterclasses, Workshops and Teacher Continuing Education Courses, to performing on international stages, our faculty fostering transformative critical thinking about music and musical practices.

They regularly contribute to music education throughout the U.S through presentations at conferences and workshops, and working directly with students in schools.

Scott Herman


Justin Drew

French Horn

Dave Levin


Fred Marcellus

Trumpet & Coronet

Rachel Sze


Scott Cameron


Ken Wolff


Mark Morgan


Tim Riordan

Tim Riordan


Free Lesson and Evaluation

As a show of support and thanks for the continued endorsement of our private teachers from the school music teachers and regional youth music programs, WBI is offering a free, no obligation 30 minute lesson with one of our private teachers to any brass instrument student currently enrolled in their school music program. Contact us to schedule a lesson.

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