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Looking for the latest music education training available to help boost your career?

Washington Brass Institute offers a full range of professional development opportunities for music teachers, including online development classes and webinars.  Cutting edge information and top-notch music education resources – this is where you’ll find exactly what you need to succeed in the classroom. 

Best of all, we continually update everything, so you can be assured of staying current with the topics that interest you the most.

Want some fresh new ideas?

 The Washington Brass Institute’s Music Conference takes place each fall, offering a wide range of professional development sessions with new innovative techniques and ideas to use in your classroom. It’s a great place to network with other music teachers and immerse yourself in the best that WBI has to offer.

Our Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference takes place every other year (biennial) and is designed for the needs of the higher education and research communities. If you’re interested in research-based poster sessions, lectures from nationally known speakers, and opportunities to attend multiple breakout sessions over several days, you don’t want to miss this conference.


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Summer is the perfect time to continue your professional career development. Just log on to watch one of Washington Brass Institute’s summer workshop programs and webinars, right in the comfort of your own home.